Battery, stalk charges for ex-tennis star Capriati

Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati has been charged after

police said she punched her ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day while

he was working out at a gym.

Palm Beach County court records show Capriati was charged by

prosecutors Wednesday. She has been issued a summons to appear

before a judge April 17 on stalking and battery charges, though she

has not been arrested.

North Palm Beach police say Ivan Brannan was working out when

the 36-year-old Capriati approached him and yelled at him. Brannan

told police that he tried to get away by walking to the men’s

locker room, but Capriati blocked his path and punched him in the


Brannan told police he and Capriati broke up in 2012 and that

she has harassed and stalked him since then.

West Palm Beach attorney Richard Lubin told the New York Daily

News that Capriati is innocent of the charges, which he called