Roddick backs McIlroy-Wozniacki pair

We’ve already heard what Gary Player thinks about the Rory

McIlroy-Caroline Wozniacki relationship. He’s


not so much a fan, it seems , though his



didn’t faze McIlroy.

Well, don’t worry, Rory and Caroline.

Someone has your back.


FOX Sports 1’s own Andy Roddick:

Damn right. Brooklyn Decker — who we’re also thrilled to


welcome to the FOX family — agrees:

The general notion that relationships can cause a dip in

performance at work is as old as love itself, but hey … let them

live is right. It’s ridiculous for we fans to care about it more

than the players.

So carry on, Rory and Caroline. Keep on loving and dressing up

like each other:

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(Photo via Twitter)