Andy Murray’s emoji-filled tweet perfectly sums up a wedding day

Andy Murray, master of the emojis.

Andy Murray married his longtime girlfriend Kim Sears on Saturday in Scotland. The highlight of the day may have been a tweet Murray sent as the festivities got started.

Murray needed just 51 characters — all emojis — to sum up the blissful chaos of a day of nuptials:

We’ll try to interpret, emoji by emoji.

1: The day begins with sunrise.

2: It rains. It his Scotland, after all.

3: Tears of joy over the events to come.

4: Andy gets dressed.

5: Kim gets her nails done.

6: Kim gets her hair done.

7: More tears of joy.

8: Kim gets dressed.


9: Tears, round three.

10: The couple drives …

11: … to the church.

12: The lady walks down the aisle.

13: Andy and Kim hold hands.

14: They pray.

15: They exchange rings.

16: They kiss.

17: The guests clap.


18: They make it official.

19: Music plays.

20: Photos are taken.

21: And videos too.

22: They drive to the reception.

23: They drink wine.

24: They eat.

25: And then there is cake.

26-27: Celebration!

28: They dance.

29-30: There is music.

31-34: There is much alcohol to be had.


35-36: And donuts and ice cream!

37-40: And much more alcohol.

41: Eventually, it is time to say good night.

42-43: Much love for everyone around.

44: A good night kiss.

45-51: A whole lot of sleep.

That’s a darn good summary, and all packed into an efficient 51 characters. Humanity will be speaking entirely via emojis within the next 10 years.

Best wishes to the new couple.