Murray on silent single for charity

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke teamed up with Roxy Music’s

Bryan Ferry, British Prime Minister David Cameron, tennis ace Andy

Murray and others to record a single that consists of two minutes

of silence, music blog Stereogum reported Monday.

The single, titled “2 Minute Silence,” goes on sale

on Nov. 7 to commemorate Remembrance Day, a U.K. holiday honoring

fallen soldiers. Music producer Mark Ronson and actor Bob Hoskins

are also featured on the track — being completely silent.

“Rather than record a song, we felt the U.K. public would

recognize the poignancy of silence and its clear association with

remembrance,” Royal British Legion Director General Chris

Simpkins said in a statement.

“2 Minute Silence” is not without precedent. In

1952, experimental composer John Cage composed the piece

“4’33”,” which consisted of four minutes

and 33 seconds of a performer not playing an instrument.