Agassi: Federer ‘class above’ Sampras

Andre Agassi had some revealing comments about how he views some of the all-time greats, including himself, in an online interview published Tuesday.

"I think (Roger) Federer is a class above (Pete Sampras), quite frankly," Agassi told Huff Post Live. "You’re talking about a guy that dominated on every surface, minus one guy on clay."

That "one guy," of course, is Rafael Nadal, who Agassi said has a definite case to make for the greatest of all-time label.

"If Nadal is sitting at a table with Federer, and Federer says, ‘I’m the best ever,’ my first question would be, ‘Well, then how come you didn’t beat me?’"

Federer has beaten Nadal just 10 times in their 31 meetings, and is 0-5 against the Spaniard in Grand Slams since 2007 and just 5-13 against him overall in that stretch. Nadal, meanwhile, has won 10 of his 13 Grand Slam titles in that same stretch.

Elaborating on the Federer-Sampras comparison, Agassi said, "Pete was obviously off the hook on faster courts, but during the clay season, players wanted to play against him."

Agassi was also asked about his own place in the game’s annals.

"It’s not even close," he said. "I’m way down the list. … I did manage to win all (the major trophies), but that’s just the first criteria in my mind."

So, recalling our grade-school math skills, that would be Nadal > Federer > Sampras > A few other guys > Agassi, in Andre’s own estimation.

In other segments of the sit-down, Agassi talks more about his relationship with Sampras, his crystal meth use and much more. You can check out the full interview here.