Crippen friend angry about open water race in Abu Dhabi

A close friend of Fran Crippen is angry that another open water swimming race has been scheduled for the country where Crippen died in 2010.

Alex Meyer, who still competes in the grueling sport, tells The Associated Press it’s inexcusable for world governing body FINA to hold a March 13 World Cup race in the United Arab Emirates when it hasn’t owned up to Crippen’s death more than four years later.

FINA executive secretary Cornel Marculescu says there’s still no definitive cause for Crippen’s death. An autopsy found the 26-year-old from suburban Philadelphia died from drowning and heat exhaustion, but didn’t exclude other factors.

Meyer says there’s no doubt why Crippen died: He was overcome by the sweltering heat, and safety personnel didn’t even realize he had gone under.