FOX employees teamed up with FOX Sports Supports’ military veteran partner, The Mission Continues (a national non-profit organization that empowers veterans to continue their service), and the National Park Service in New York City on Saturday for a day of service to honor and remember the tragic events of September 11th.

More than 100 volunteers consisting of employees, veterans and others worked to protect and preserve Ellis Island, an enduring American symbol of freedom and hope. The group delivered over 480 hours of service during the day – working on projects and tasks that would have taken the National Park Service two months to do alone.

“Being able to give back to the veterans at any time is obviously something that we strive to do, but, for New Yorkers around September 11th it is also just an emotional experience. There is so little opportunity to help them when they have done so much for us that we love to go out of our way,” said FOX 5 NY employee and volunteer Laura Perino.

Jessica Formoso of WNYW, the local FOX TV Station, covered the volunteer effort. Watch the news segment and read the full article on

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