WWE legend Bret Hart says Seth Rollins needs to become a safer wrestler

BY foxsports • August 24, 2016

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins has been connected to an unfortunate string of injuries - both to himself and his opponents - over the last 13 months, and WWE legend Bret Hart believes that Rollins needs to learn to be a safer wrestler in the ring. 

In July of 2015, Rollins accidentally broke John Cena's nose during a match on Raw, catching Cena with a knee to the face. 

At Night of Champions later that year, Rollins faced Sting in what would end up being Sting's final match for WWE. Sting lost the feeling in his legs after taking a second buckle bomb that caused spinal stenosis - a serious condition that has ended the careers of some of WWE's greatest wrestlers. He was able to finish the match, but Rollins faced criticism at the time for his role in the injury, though Sting himself called it a freak accident. A few weeks later, Rollins tore multiple ligaments in his knee performing a routine sunset flip in a match against Kane and was out for six months.

Last Sunday at SummerSlam, the same move that caused Sting's injury (performed outside the ring, this time) dislocated Finn Balor's shoulder at the beginning of the match, resulting in a torn labrum that will keep Balor our for up to six months.

Hart said in a statement given to Wrestlezone that he saw an injury like Balor's coming.

Rollins responded to Hart's earlier criticism about breaking John Cena's nose during an appearance on Chris Jericho's podcast, and said that the comments hurt his feelings.