Watch John Cena bench 375 pounds four months after shoulder surgery

May 9, 2016

WWE superstar John Cena had shoulder surgery on January 7th to repair a torn portion of his rotator cuff, along with tissue damage that was removed. The typical recovery time for such an injury is up to nine months - which would have kept Cena out until after Summerslam - but the 15-time champion announced that he'll be returning to the WWE on May 30th, and he's in incredible shape.

Cena shared a few of his training videos over the weekend, and is now back to benching 375 pounds (or roughly one Braun Strowman). Cena's previously benched 487 pounds on video. 

Perhaps more impressively, Cena recently led a team of 20 people over the weekend in the Delta jet drag to benefit the American Cancer Society. The jet weighed a mere 167,000 pounds.