TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Results and Analysis for December 15

BY Fansided and Dj Beal/FanSided via Daily DDT • December 15, 2016

Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling is presented from the Dome of Deletion and dubbed as Total Nonstop Deletion.

This TNA Impact broadcast is widely known as Total Nonstop Deletion.  It is set to be one of the most talked about TNA shows in quite some time.  Similarly to the Final Deletion and the Great War, anything shot at the Hardy Compound or the Dome of Deletion is must see television.  50 competitors were invited to participate in Total Nonstop Deletion.

King Maxel is set to have his debut in his hometown of Cameron.  Wrestling’s cutest kid is as popular as anyone on the TNA roster and it was almost academic that he would debut as his father’s show.  Matt Hardy has handpicked Maxel’s opponent but someone has a problem with the popular infant.  Can King Maxel get his first win in a TNA ring at TND?

The World Championship is on the line as Eddie Edwards is set to battle Bobby Lashley.  These two have been in many matches with one another but Lashley never gives away a chance at TNA’s top prize.   Lashley may be in enemy territory but the fight champion Eddie Edwards is always ready to defend.  Will Lashley win back his World Title or can Edwards continue his Cinderella-like run?

The Tag Team Apocalypto (I didn’t know it was a word either) is set to main event Total Nonstop Deletion.  Matt Hardy has invited every tag team in time and space to compete to prove that they are the greatest of all time.  As with any match continues under the confines of the Hardy Estate, there is no prediction for what could happen in a match of this magnitude.

Total Nonstop Deletion is next…

Total Nonstop Deletion begins with Senor Benjamin and Vanguard One reading their “don’t try this at home” disclaimer.  After a fascinating introduction with the massive tag team match being prepared, the camera transitions to a news crew covering the epic event.  When the coverage is sent to sideline reporter Betty-Sue Fuentes who reports on a live volcano.

Matt Hardy, joined by Brother Nero and Senor Benjamin, starts the show in the Dome of Deletion to talk about how awesome his event will be.  He is interrupted by Rockstar Spud who calls out King Maxel who is set to debut tonight.  Spud complains that Maxel is taking all his glory and plans on making him a loser like his broken father.  Hardy sanctions the match to be a no disqualification match.

King Maxel vs Rockstar Spud

Result: Maxel def. Spud via pinfall

Senor Benjamin tazes Rockstar Spud and Maxel pins him to obtain his first victory.  With all the talk before the match by Spud, it didn’t help him that the match was No Disqualification.  I don’t know what he was thinking accepting this challenge deep in Hardy country.

Sienna vs ODB

Result: Sienna defeated ODB via pinfall.

Sienna makes herself the number one contender for the Knockout’s Championship and issues an open challenge.  Initially Vanguard One accepts the challenge but is unceremoniously thrown out for not being a woman.  Then ODB makes her return to TNA as she looks to become the Knockout’s Champion again.

Sienna is flustered by the returning Knockout as ODB in control early.  ODB’s momentum continues until the referee is taken out and it looks like Sienna has found an opening.  ODB fights off the chair shot and reverses with a shot of her own.  Vanguard One comes in to make the count but is pulled out by the original official.  Sienna hits ODB with a chair and follows up with the Silencer to become the number one contender for the Knockout’s Championship.

It was amazing to see the return of ODB to TNA even if it is for one night.  This shows that Total Nonstop Deletion has many surprises in store.  The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy continues to entertain with TND and always has the fans looking for more.

Itchweeed vs Jeff Sterling

Result: Itchweeed defeated Jeff Sterling via pinfall.

The debut of Itchweeed is the second of the night behind Maxel.  Itchweeed locks in a sleeper hold and also falls asleep causing a double count to occur.  He recovers with a burst of energy and takes that to the outside of the ring.  Jeff’s alter ego delivers a unique elbow through a table on the outside and finishes the match with the pesticide elbow.

Itchweeed wins in his debut match and continues to bring a unique spin to Hardy other personalities.  It makes fans wonder if Itchweeed will continue to show up or is this a one time thing for the special event.  I love that all of the personalities of the Hardys have their own litter quirks that make them special.

TNA World Championship MatchEddie Edwards (c) vs Bobby Lashley

Result: Match goes to a no contest.

This may be the most normal of matches in the Dome of Deletion but you never know with Matt Hardy.  Lashley goes right after Eddie Edwards who has been one of the most competitive champions.  He takes Edwards to the outside and continues to attack.  The Destroyer took out one of the fans which may be the turning point of this match.  The Disciples of Matt Hardy help Edwards by holding Lashley down for Eddie to hit his explosive offense.  Lashley would fight back as the match trickled back into the ring but it is difficult to stop to momentum of Eddie Edwards.

The fight goes back to the outside as Lashley looks to dominate and take Edwards to his limits.  As the match goes past Matt Hardy’s stage and Lashley spears Eddie Edwards through the door.  The two continue to fight as Tag Team Apocalypto is set to begin.

The World Championship match was definitely an exciting match with the involvement of the fans which is something that is rarely seen in wrestling today.  It was a match we have seen before but it didn’t take away from what the two could do.  Another back and forth match between the two in a different venue.  This was a fantastic idea to appeal to the wrestling fans who take the Matt Hardy character too seriously.

Tag Team Apocalypto

Result: The Hardys win the Tag Team Apocalypto.

The Hardys start the match in the ring with the Helms Dynasty, The Rock N Roll Express, The Decay who look to battle in an epic Apocalypto.  Smoke starts to fill the building and the fans are forced to evacuate the property as the teams battle throughout the Dome of Deletion.  Everyone is taken back to Lashley and Edwards as they continue to fight.  The fireworks of The Rock N Roll Express and the Hardys send The Decay and The Helms Dynasty retreating.  Matt Hardy continues to bash Everett’s head into the back of the truck as Jeff Hardy looks to catch them.

    Several other tag teams await the opening of the Hardy gate but they are attacked by the Decay.  Spud awaits the arrival of his partner as the Hardys and the Helms Dynasty continue to fight.  Steve and Abyss continue to eliminate other tag team but Rockstar Spud’s partner arrives and things are just heating up.  Hornswoggle ends up being Spud’s partner but he decides to hold him back.  The dilapidated boat saves the Hardys from being pinned and the Hardy Estate being destroyed.  The Dynasty attack the boat but are taken out by the Hardys as Matt pushes Helms into the lake of reincarnation.  He returns as three count but realizes that Shannon and Evan isn’t there with him.

    The Apocalypto Continues

    Jeff Hardy and Ricky Morton fight on two scaffolds as Matt and Robert fight below them.  Hardy misses a Swanton Bomb but Gibson is eliminated by the twist of Fate.  One of the other teams are taken out by Rockstar Spud and Hornswoggle but the celebration is cut short.  Hornswoggle turns on Rockstar Spud allowing the Helms Dynasty to eliminate them.  James Storm is joined by many members the DCC but a fan in a mask who gets eliminated by Abyss.

    The Apocalypto is down to the three tag teams that started it.  The numbers game hurts the Hardy as the other teams work together.  Vanguard One evens the odds by shooting fireworks at the Decay.  The Hurricane turns on the Helms Dynasty and declares himself as Broken.  Even Lashley is taking out other tag teams as he continues to fight with Eddie Edwards.  The ground is set to fire in the form of the Hardy Symbol as the Decay and the Hardys find themselves in another epic encounter.  Abyss is hit with Janice and Crazy Steve is twist of fated into the volcano which sends him erupting back into the ring and Matt Hardy gets the pin.  The Hardys win the Apocalypto and a new Hardy is joining the Broken Brilliance.

    The key to everything that Broken Matt Hardy has done has been telling a story.  This is exactly what the chaotic match did as the Hardys wanted to be known as the best at the same time as the New Day Break Demolition’s championship record.  It was a risk that was worth taking by TNA to produce a show that took this much time and effort.  This continues to have me saying that TNA has had the best weekly wrestling show in 2016.

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