The Rock gives brilliant commentary on his first WWE match (VIDEO)

BY Damon Martin • October 20, 2016


It's been almost exactly 20 years since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson debuted in WWE at Survivor Series in 1996.

On Tuesday, The Rock released a special commentary track on video as he watches his WWE debut with some great insight into the match and a few hilarious jabs about a couple of mistakes he made.

"Right now, I'm feeling myself, I'm so hyped up, I'm so excited and I got a (expletive) Chia Pet on my head as a haircut," Johnson said as he watched himself walk to the ring.

When The Rock debuted in 1996, he was brought out as the ultimate "babyface" character named "Rocky Maivia" and he stepped into the ring at Madison Square Garden with 22,000 screaming fans who could have easily made his first match a success or a disaster.

The Rock — courtesy of Seven Bucks Digital Studios and his new YouTube page — looks back at the match with fond memories, especially when talking about a very special moment he shared with Brian Adams aka "Crush", who actually passed away back in 2007.

It's a fascinating and hilarious look back at The Rock long before he was called "the most electrifying man in sports entertainment" and the biggest box office movie star in the world.

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