John Cena will make matching donation after raising $1 million for veterans’ charity

November 11, 2019

After calling on fans to raise $1 million for veterans, John Cena announced on Twitter that the goal had been met and his matching donation would deliver $2 million to the FitOps charity.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in September, Cena called for donations to FitOps — which helps military veterans find stability, success and community through fitness — and pledged to match donations through Veterans Day up to $1 million.

The 16-time World Champion announced on social media that the donations had reached that milestone in little more than a month, meaning that $2 million in total would be donated after Cena’s matching gift. 

“Today I am honored and humbled to say that we did it — we have hit our goal,” Cena said.

FitOps assists veterans in achieving personal trainer certification, helping to create a path in life after service. 

Cena expressed his thanks for the donations and wished all a happy Veterans Day.

“We give $2 million to veterans to help save their life,” he said. “To preserve the lives of our heroes who have protected our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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