LSU's Barrett taken off court on stretcher

BY foxsports • March 4, 2012

LSU senior forward LaSondra Barrett was being monitored Sunday at a hospital after being briefly knocked unconscious during the second half of the Southeastern Conference women's tournament title game.

Coach Nikki Caldwell said after a 70-58 loss to No. 13 Tennessee that the team trainer was with Barrett and will monitor the forward to make sure she's OK.

''She went down pretty hard,'' Caldwell said. ''But we're definitely going to take every necessary precaution to make sure that she is OK.''

Barrett had fallen after missing a jumper. Tennessee forward Alicia Manning got the rebound, and players turned to head back down court.

The LSU forward was in the path of Tennessee forward Glory Johnson when her knee hit Barrett's temple, knocking her back to the court. Officials stopped play with 14:18 to go, and trainers and paramedics strapped her to a backboard with a neck brace before lifting her onto a stretcher and taking her to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Officials reviewed the play, but made no foul call.

LSU fans chanted her nickname ''Boogie, Boogie'' as they put her on the board. Barrett waved to fans as she was taken off the court to a standing ovation.

LSU guard Adrienne Webb said they easily could have folded after Barrett went down but took it as a challenge not to quit.

''Even though we fell short, we still played 100 percent and gave our all out there on the court,'' Webb said.

LSU trailed 45-51 when Barrett went down. Forward Courtney Jones helped fill in for Barrett and said she didn't feel distracted after Barrett's injury.

''Of course, LaSondra, you're always going to worry about her health, if she's going to be able to get back with us,'' Jones aid. ''We just took a little grace period to get ourself, evaluated what we needed to do on defense and offense, tried to execute coach's plan as great as we could.''

Johnson said after the game she thought Barrett caught part of her knee as she and Manning tried to run past the LSU forward.

''I grew up playing with her. Me and Shekinna (Stricklen) grew up playing with her,'' Johnson said. ''I think she'll be all right. But we'll keep praying for her. I'll probably text her or call her later on, but I hope she's OK.''