Yoel Romero pulls off miraculous TKO over Tim Kennedy

BY Damon Martin • September 27, 2014

In one of the craziest fight finishes of all time, Yoel Romero was nearly knocked out in the second round only to come back and put Tim Kennedy away by strikes in the opening moments of the final round.

The bout up until the ending was an exciting affair and definitely a front runner for 'Fight of the Night' at UFC 178.

Romero is typically a very fast starter and his bout against Kennedy was no exception as he came storming out of the gates and immediately busted his opponent's nose in the opening moments of the fight. Romero kept targeting the same spot throughout the round and by the end of the first five minutes, Kennedy had blood smeared across the front of his face.

The second round saw Romero deliver more of the same punishment, but both fighters were a bit more tentative.  With just seconds to go and the round up for grabs, Kennedy nailed Romero with a huge straight right that hurt the Cuban and sent him reeling against the cage.

Kennedy followed up with a huge barrage of strikes as Romero wobbled and nearly fell over when the horn sounded to stop the round.  Romero slumped over in his corner and it looked like the referee might stop the fight and when the corners were ordered out of the ring, he stayed on the stool for well over the minute allowed between rounds.

Referee John McCarthy finally stepped in and forced them out of the cage, but he clearly had extra time to recover whether incidental or not.

When the final round began it seemed as if Romero was destined to go down, but in a miraculous turn of events he came out and cracked Kennedy with a monstrous right hook that dropped him to the mat.  Romero came at Kennedy like a tornado, swinging with everything he had left in the gas tank trying to finish the fight.

Kennedy turned, moved and tried valiantly to absorb or block the strikes, but to no avail and Romero landed the finishing blows to stop the fight at 58 seconds into the third round.

Romero is now 4-0 in the UFC's middleweight division and with the victory over Kennedy he will likely move closer towards the top five in the rankings and that much closer to title contention. 

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