UFC 189 Embedded: Mendes hunts for meat, McGregor shops for jewelry

July 8, 2015

Just call Chad Mendes "The Deer Hunter." On the sixth episode of UFC 189 Embedded, the featherweight title challenger introduces fans to his hunting lifestyle, which he says feeds into his healthy fighting lifestyle.

Turns out, Mendes raises his own chickens to get natural, free-range eggs each morning. He also hunts to provide his protein for the year, and has constructed his own home walk-in cooler where he "processes" and then stores whole animals before cooking and consuming them.

On the seventh episode of UFC 189 Embedded, Rory MacDonald arrives in Las Vegas with Firas Zahabi, Conor McGregor goes jewelry shopping with his girlfriend and ends up meeting scores of fans, and Chad Mendes struggles to get from Sacramento to Las Vegas. 

Check out both of the latest episodes from this great behind-the-scenes mini doc series above and below to get inside the camps of the biggest fighters from one of the year's best cards! (WARNING: Strong language)