Todd Grisham explains why Conor McGregor is a perfect fit for the WWE

February 22, 2017

Conor McGregor is a man with a lot of options right now.

The UFC lightweight champion is currently enjoying some downtime while awaiting the birth of his first child in May while also negotiating a potential mega fight with Floyd Mayweather and contemplating his return to the Octagon as well.

McGregor has openly discussed movie offers he's turned down, including the upcoming "Predator" reboot, so it's clear everybody wants a piece of the Irishman these days but he can certainly pick and choose what he wants to do.

One potential stop for McGregor that's been rumored for months is an appearance at WWE WrestleMania on April 2 after he took several shots at the professional wrestling promotion in the lead up to his bout with Nate Diaz this past August.

WWE executive Triple H — real name Paul Levesque — has expressed interest in McGregor making an appearance in the ring and even the fighter's manager has said they are willing to listen to offers.

Todd Grisham, who just recently joined the UFC as a play-by-play commentator and in-studio host, previously worked for WWE for eight years so he knows the professional wrestling world better than almost anybody in mixed martial arts today.

Grisham says that McGregor should absolutely test the waters with WWE because he's got everything that WWE CEO Vince McMahon could want — he can talk the talk and he can clearly walk the walk.

"Of course. Why not? Ronda Rousey was there last year or the year before last. We saw Floyd Mayweather fight 'The Big Show' at WrestleMania. There's always those big matches, most of them involving the Undertaker and Triple H and the John Cena's of the world. But there's usually that one gimmick match or that one memorable moment that involves an outside celebrity or sports star. I'd love to see Conor McGregor cross over to WWE," Grisham told FOX Sports.

"Think about it, if there's ever been an athlete perhaps other than Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor's the perfect fit for that organization."


The only thing that could hold McGregor back in McMahon's eyes is that he's only 5-foot-9 and typically fights at 155-pounds. The WWE has notoriously promoted bigger wrestlers over the years although some superstars like current UFC welterweight CM Punk have made waves while not looking like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Of course, McGregor making an appearance in WWE would probably only be as a guest appearance so Grisham believes it would be the perfect move while probably cashing a big fat check at the end of the night.

"Vince likes the big guys though. He would prefer that Francis N'gannou had the personality that Conor McGregor has because then he could be in the main event against whoever, but with Conor McGregor you've got to be a little more selective," Grisham said.

"But McGregor's already fed into it saying 'I'd kill everyone of them, I'd destroy them' whatever. So he knows what to say, he knows what to do and what he loves most is cash money and Vince McMahon has plenty of it."