Robbie Lawler: Floyd Mayweather wouldn't last 2 minutes with any top UFC fighter

BY Damon Martin • January 13, 2016

For some reason, the eternal debate about how a boxer would do in mixed martial arts continues to spur conversation, but UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler didn't mince any words when asked about Floyd Mayweather's chances inside the Octagon.

Lawler appeared on ESPN's "SportsCenter" on Wednesday when the question came up about Mayweather's legitimacy when it comes to fighting an experienced and legit top threat in the UFC.

"Against the best guys in the world? He's not making it out of two minutes," Lawler said.

Lawler obviously complimented Mayweather on his tremendous boxing skills that led him to a 49-0 professional record before he retired last year following a win over Andre Berto.

Still, Lawler knows Mayweather would be out of his realm facing a mixed martial artist, who can do a lot more than just throw hands with the world-class boxer.

"It's a totally different sport," Lawler said. "Not at our level. What happens when he gets picked up and slammed on the ground and he's on his back? There's a lot of variables, and he's great at what he does, and this is a totally different sport."

Lawler believes Mayweather -- or presumably any major boxing champion -- wouldn't fare well in the Octagon once takedowns become part of the strategy for the fight.

He knows a top UFC competitor could easily punish someone like Mayweather over five rounds with kicks and elbows as well -- two more weapons that aren't allowed in boxing -- but taking the fight to the ground would put an end to the contest in rapid fashion.

"It'd be a better thing for someone to take him down and finish him quick than to kick his legs out, kick him in the body, take him down, elbow him in the face, do those kinds of things for five rounds," Lawler said.

As for what comes next for Lawler, the UFC champion said just two weeks removed from his epic battle with Carlos Condit at UFC 195 that he's still weighing his options and plans to speak to UFC president Dana White later this week to find out what the promotion has in store for him. 

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