Johny Hendricks makes weight with room to spare

BY Elias Cepeda • February 5, 2016

After struggling to make weight so badly he was hospitalized and had to pull out of a scheduled fight last fall, former UFC champion Johny Hendricks made weight with room to spare, Friday in Las Vegas. The welterweight faces Stephen Thompson in the main event of Saturday's UFC Fight Night.

The fight is scheduled for five rounds because it is a headliner, but both men had a maximum weight of 171 pounds that they could have tipped the scales at. Hendricks came in on the maximum mark for welterweight title fights -- 170 pounds -- and made a statement in doing so.

All week long Hendricks and his camp have bragged how he is the leanest of his career after losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight under the direction of nutrition coach Lou Giordano. The goal was not to "cut" water weight through extreme dehydration the day before competing, as is typical for many top fighters, but rather to manage a healthy weight for months.

Hendricks told Ariel Helwani, post-fight (above) that he actually weighed in as light as 168 pounds this morning. If that's true, we can safely assume that Hendricks stepped onto the scales pretty close to completely hydrated.

That means he'll weigh less than usual, come fight night, but also have more energy than usual since he wouldn't have just come off of being severely dehydrated. Now, all that's left is to wait, and fight.