Head 2 Head with Johnson vs Moraga

BY foxsports • July 26, 2013

UFC champ Demetrious Johnson is a dominant force in the flyweight division. The weight class is young and stars have emerged in a short time, but because the division is still reaching maturity, relatively unknown fighters are getting big opportunities. Enter John Moraga, a gritty fighter with an incredible skillset but still relatively untested in the UFC with only two fights. Will he be up for the challenge? 

Here's the Head 2 Head breakdown:

Next up is a huge fight. We look at No. 3 welterweight Rory MacDonald vs. No. 4 welterweight Jake Ellenberger. The end result of this fight will make big waves at the 170-pound division as a win from either fighter could potentially elevate them to a title shot. 

This is our take on how it will go down: