Go deeper into every bout from UFC Fight Night Macao with FightTrax

BY foxsports • February 28, 2014

At FOX Sports, we're always thinking of new and innovative ways to add to your experience as a fan. Enter FightTrax.

This stats and data tracker is a revolutionary way to follow along with UFC fights in real time. It's the ideal second-screen experience when you're watching the events -- or your savior when you can't get in front of a TV.

FightTrax brings you every punch thrown, every takedown executed and every transition. It tells you a deeper story about every bout, a quantitative one that sometimes cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Make sure you're tuned into FightTrax on Saturday morning (5:45 a.m.) to catch all the action from UFC Fight Night in Macao, China. Don't miss a single blow.

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