Fight Blog Recap: Rousey knocks Correia out at UFC 190

BY Elias Cepeda • August 1, 2015

Ronda Rousey took a lot longer to successfully defend her UFC bantamweight championship Saturday than she did in February. In all, it took "Rowdy" 34 seconds to knock Correia out cold with a right punch to the temple.

Rousey scored a trip takedown but let Correia up. After that, the champ unloaded with punches to the head of Correia, ending with the cross to the temple that dropped the Brazilian.

"I guess she can't say anything about my hands anymore," Rousey said of the trash-talking Correia.

Check out that main event action play-by-play, as well as the rest of the card below!

Ronda Rousey (11-0) vs. Bethe Correia (9-0)

Round 1

They come out swinging hard. Ronda tries to tie up Bethe early but Bethe won't let her. Ronda gets a trip takedown but lets her up.

They go back to swinging hard against the fence. Ronda content with getting into another firefight.

She eats plenty of shots but drops Correia hard with a right punch to the temple. The punch came at the end of a big combo of lefts and rights, and another body knee.

The challenger is out cold.

Official Decision:

Ronda Rousey wins by KO (punch) at 34 seconds of the first round.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (22-10) vs. Antonio Rogerio "Minotoro" Nogueira (21-6)

Round 1

Both men shake hands at the start of their bout. Much respect from these two warriors directed at one another as they rematch 10 years after their epic original bout.

Nogueira lands a good overhand right to the head. Rua charges in with punches but misses because of Nogueira's good head movement.

Shogun lands a hard right and then a nasty kick to the body. Nogueira lands a counter left straight to the top of the head and wobbles Rua.

Rua is in trouble, covering up as Nog backs him into the corner with punches.

Rua tries to circle away and stumbles. Nogueira backs away and stumbles.

Rua backed up again, and is hurt with more punches. He attempts a trip takedown but is stuffed.

Nogueira tries a standing guillotine choke but Rua defends. Nogueira lands a knee to the body.

Round 2

Rua shoots in for a single leg and gets it. He works on top from inside the half guard with pressure and a left hook.

Nogueira working hard to get his left underhook, and to stay on his right side. Being flat on your back is death in a fight. 

Rua looking actively to pass and then Nog uses a deep half guard to destabilize Rua and stand up. Rua lands a body kick. 

Rua presses Nogueira against the cage and knees him to the leg and they are separated. Rua lands another body kick to the left side of Nog.

Good inside leg kick from Rua.

Round 3

Rua lands another big body kick. Nog lands a knee to the body as Rua rushes in for a takedown.

He doesn't but still presses Nog against the cage. Rua lands another solid right kick to the left side of the body, followed by another inside leg kick.

Rua lands a straight to the gut and then an overhand right to the face. Rua shoots for a double leg takedown but Nogueira defends it.

Rua lands another head kick and then lands another overhand right as he slips a punch from Nog. Rua lands a right down the pipe to the head, and then another body kick.

Rua lands another leg kick, and then another body kick. Rua shoots in against the cage and lands another takedown.

Nogueira locks in a guillotine choke with an arm-in but Rua escapes! Rua on top against the cage and lands a punch at the horn.

Official Decision:

Rua wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28, all around. 

Glaico Franca (13-3) vs. Fernando Bruno (16-2)

Round 1

Bruno presses in against the cage and looks for a takedown. He gets it but Franca stands.

Still, Bruno stays pressing his TUF lightweight rival against the fence, looking for another takedown. Franca reverses positions and scores his own takedown!

Franca gets one hook in and takes Bruno's back. Bruna gets his right arm in between Franca's legs, and turns to face him.

Franca gets another takedown against the fence and once more takes his back. 

Round 2

Both men get right into the clinch again and are battling one another for a takedown. Bruno gets the takedown but Franca gets up soon.

Franca snatches his own takedown but Bruno gets up and scores his own. Bruno pins Franca against the cage and tries to unload with punches.

Franca lands elbow strikes from his back and then gets enough space to stand up. Franca chases Bruno and hip tosses him to the mat.

Franca gets Bruno's back while he is face down and works for the rear naked choke. Franca gets close but Bruno survives the round.

Round 3

Bruno lets loose with big overhand punches that connect. He shoots high for a clinch but Franca gets free.

Bruno gets the takedown and then takes Franca's back but Franca immediately escapes, trips Bruno to the mat and takes his back! 

They separate on their feet and it is Bruno who hustles with big uppercuts and other punches! Bruno takes Franca's back, against the cage, on their feet.

After a referee restart, they exchange hooks and knees. Franca shoots in and gets a takedown.

Franca on top from inside half guard. Franca gets Bruno's back with less than a minute left.

Franca gets the tap with just seconds left in the bout!

Official Decision:

Franca gets the submission win via rear naked choke at 4:46 of the third round.

Reginaldo Vieira (13-3) vs. Dileno Lopes (19-1)

Round 1

The two come out swinging but Vieira jumps guard and locks up a guillotine choke. Lopes defends, escapes and then jumps guard of his own and tries for a guillotine choke himself!

Vieira escapes, the two stand and wing punches at one another and then Lopes jumps guard again to try for another guillotine choke! Vieira gets out and stands. 

These two guys are letting it all go, at 100 miles per hour. Vieira locks up a front headlock from the standing position but Lopes gets free.

Lopes lands a lead right hook to the head, and then Vieira connects with a right hook to the body.

Vieira lands a right kick to the body. 

Round 2

Both start the round swinging big, but mostly missing. Lopes lands a nice uppercut to the body with his left.

Vieira lands a left body kick then eats a right uppercut to the face. Vieira goes to the body then the head with punches.

Vieira changes levels and hits a single leg takedown. He begins to work with short punches to the body from inside the full guard.

The referee stands them up with 10 seconds left because, you know, stupid. 

Round 3

Vieira goes for an ankle-pick but gets it stuffed. The two wing punches at one another again but Vieira gets the takedown.

Lopes goes for another guillotine choke. It's an arm-in one, and he looks to have a good angle on it, and be under the chin.

Vieira is bleeding but escapes the hold! Vieira hammering away on top with punches until the horn. 

Both men are bloodied. They proved they deserved their main card spot.

Official Decision:

Vieira wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28 and 30-27 (twice).

Stefan Struve (29-7) vs. Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira (34-9-1)

Round 1

Nog presses in and shoots high, from the start. He presses Struve against the cage and gets an over-under grip.

Nog working hard to use head position to move Struve around. He can't do it but he does keep a hold.

Struve gets away and lands a big right hand but is tied up again, in short order. Struve pushes away, once more and then lands another big right hand.

Any time Struve gets a moment free, he's hurting Nogueira. Nogueira goes for a trip with an over-under grip but can't get it.

Struve gets top position but stands. Nogueira fires a one-two punch combo to the head but then eats a kick tot he lead leg. 

Struve gets a Thai plum grip on Nog's head, but Nog lands punches over the arms.

They get free and Struve lands another right and then repeated front kicks to the body. They trade right hands to the chin.

Struve finds the lead leg of Nogueira again with a kick. Struve connects with another leg kick and another big right hand.

Round 2

Nog eats another couple big right hands but gets in close, clinches and takes Struve down! Nog takes his back, goes for the choke then settles for the mount.

From there, Struve defends the mount and escapes with a heel hook attempt. Struve scrambles up.

Nogueira shoots for a single leg takedown, gets stuffed and eats another monster right hand. Nogueira eats it and presses Struve against the cage, again.

Struve connects with a huge right uppercut. Nogueira eats a body kick and then lands his own inside leg kick.

Nog presses Struve against the cage again but by the end of the round, Struve presses him against it.

Round 3

Nogueira gets the takedown right away! Struve skilfully gets up, however. From there, Nogueira lands two solid punches to the head.

Struve comes back with leg kicks. Nogueira presses Struve against the cage again and lands a knee to the leg.

Struve pushes away and gets free. Nogueira eats a head kick and clinches with Struve against the cage.

Nogueira drops down for a single leg and then eats elbows to the side of the head. Struve gets free and lands a thudding overhand right to the head. 

Struve follows up with a jab, another, and then another right hand. Struve lands another bad leg kick and a sharp jab to the head. 

Nogueira presses Struve against the cage once more but the Dutchman gets free. The round ends with Struve landing more punches and Nog swinging and missing.

Official Decision:

Struve wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 all-around.

Antonio Silva (18-7) vs. Soa Palelei (22-4)

Round 1

Soa is the first to shoot in for a takedown. He shoots for a single leg, then presses Silva against the cage. 

Silva defending well but Soa is keeping him pressed against the cage. Soa backs away and gives Pexao space before shooting in again. 

Pezao works for his own takedown but Soa uses a whizzer to take Silva down! Soa working from on top in the full guard. Soa stands and pressures Silva against the cage.

Soa lands some good shots from on top in the half guard.

Round 2

Pezao tees off on Soa and lets us know why it was a good idea to get him to the mat in the first! Silva lands a big uppercut that stuns Soa!

He pins Soa against the cage with his left hand while they stood, and landed big shots until he fell and the fight ended.

Official Decision:

Silva gets the TKO stoppage at 41 seconds of the second round.

Claudia Gadhela (12-1) vs. Jessica Aguilar (19-4)

Round 1

Aguilar lands an overhand right to the head. Aguilar lands a two-hook combo to the head as answer.

So far, no noticeable speed advantage for either woman and both are aggressive with punches. Gadelha lands a front kick, and Aguilar answers with punches to the head. 

Gadelha lands a hard jab and then right uppercut to the head. Aguilar tees off with some big straight punches to the head.

Aguilar answers with her own punches, hooks to the head. Aguilar is bleeding from her face a bit.

Gadelha ducks under a jab and shoots and scores with a double leg takedown. Gadelha takes Aguilar's back with both hooks and begins to work for the rear naked choke.

Round 2

Gadelha scores a takedown off the bat but Aguilar gets up and presses the Brazilian against the fence. Gadelha reverses position against the cage and then presses away.

Gadelha lands a few big right crosses to the head, back in the center of the ring. Aguilar's nose is bleeding badly, and she eats another big punch combo to the head.

Aguilar standing tall and firing back, but she doesn't have the speed and freshness that Gadelha does on her punches. Aguilar hands an overhand right to the head.

Gadelha slowing a bit as well, but she punctuates the round with a double leg takedown against the cage.

Round 3

Gadelha coming out hard with punches. Aguilar shoots in for a double leg takedown but gets stuffed.

Gadelha shoots in, scores. Gadelha starts to pile it on with strikes.

Aguilar can't get up, but does manage to defend herself against the barrage of strikes.

Still, Gadelha dominates position and lands shot after shot until the final horn. It will be enough to get the decision, for certain.

She calls for the title shot after winning the decision. "I am the best strawweight in the world!"

Official Decision:

Gadelha wins by unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, all around.

Demian Maia (20-6) vs. Neil Magny (15-4)

Round 1

Maia shoots and gets the takedown right away! Maia moves to mount but Magny moves to a half guard.

Magny using a Z Guard to defend. Magny using a left underhook to try and get up out of half guard. 

Maia shuts that effort down and pins Magny against the cage. Magny gets his half guard passed and is mounted with a minute and a half left in the round.

Maia lands a good elbow to the head, defends a half guard re-guard attempt and moves back into mount.

Maia moves to S-Mount, looking for an armbar with seconds left in the round. Maia moves to the side, locks up the arm but Magny is saved by the horn.

Round 2

Maia shoots in and scores the takedown, again. From there, he moves to mount.

Magny recovers half guard but Maia passes it, again, and goes into mount. Maia punches down, prompts Magny to turn his back.

From there, Maia looking for the rear naked choke with 2:45 left in the round. Maia locks up the figure-four lock with his legs, and the choke with his arms.

Maia gets the rear naked choke submission win.

Official Decision:

Maia gets the submission win (rear naked choke) at 2:52 of the second round.

Rafael Calvacante (12-5) vs. Patrick Cummins (7-2)

Round 1

Cavalcante misses with a spinning kick and gets taken down. Feijo gets up to his feet but pops back up to his feet.

Cummins has a body lock from behind, against the cage, working for another takedown. Feijo struggling to turn around and face Cummins. 

He does, but gets turned back around and taken down again. Cummins slams him down to the mat once more, then Feijo gets up and eats a jab to the face.

Cummins gets back control on the feet, then gets slammed again. Feijo is clearly tired but pops back up to his feet again.

Round 2

Cummins shoots in and presses Feijo against the cage. Feijo frees himself and gets back to the center of the cage. 

Cummins ducks under a punch and spears Calvacante off his feet with a double leg takedown. Cummins is bleeding from his nose, but on top.

Cummins postures and stands up and eats a bad up-kick to the nose! Cummins goes back into the full guard.

The ref stops the fight to have the ringside doctor check Cummins' bloody nose and swollen eye.

Cummins was definitely nearly knocked out by the up-kick. But the fight continues. 

Feijo throws another up-kick and then stands up. Cummins shoots in and tosses Feijo with another double leg takedown.

Feijo is turtled-up and eating punches at the end of the round.

Round 3

Cummins gets a takedown off the bat in the final round. Cummins hurts him badly with elbows and the fight is stopped!

Official Decision:

Cummins gets a TKO stoppage win via ground elbows at 45 seconds of the second round.

Warlley Alves (9-0) vs. Nordine Taleb (10-2)

Round 1

Alves catches a kick and counters with a right cross! Taleb working off his back in the half guard.

Taleb grabbing the head of Alves instead of fighting for an underhook, but eventually he gets enough space to get up. Taleb begins to pump a good left jab to the face.

Alves lands a big overhand right that drops Taleb! Taleb gets up, changes levels and gets a takedown.

Alves scrambles up, however. Taleb presses Alves against the cage, and lands a left elbow strike to the head before the round ends.

Round 2

Alves lands a leg kick but Taleb clinches up with him for a moment. Taleb goes high with a kic and gets it caught again.

Alves uses it to get a takedown, just as he did in the first. Alves working on top from half guard. 

Alves focuses on sticking position and then starts letting some strikes go. Taleb gets up and presses Alves against the cage.

Alves lands a good knee to the gut, and then jumps guard and pulls for a guillotine choke. He locks it in and forces the tap!

Official Decision:

Alves gets the submission win via guillotine choke at 4:11 of the second round.

Iuri Alcantara (31-6) vs. Leandro Issa (13-4)

Round 1

Issa starts out strong and gets Iuri on his back. from there, he works elbow strikes to the side of the head while on side mount. 

Issa attempts to lock up the Kimura shoulder lock. Iuri defends but still has his far-side arm locked up.

Iuri gets up, but Issa brings him back to the mat. Soon, however, Issa finds himself in an armbar from on top.

Issa defends and then takes the mount with under 20 seconds left. He rains down punches, thinks about an arm bar, but has to bail to side mount. 

Round 2

Iuri lands a left hook that drops Issa! Issa gets up but eats another big uppercut!

Iuri lands a straight left to the head. Iuri gets on top and sticks the mount but Issa threatens with a heel hook and Iuri has to bail.

Issa presses Iuri against the cage, looking for a double leg takedown. The ref separates them.

Iuri lands another big shot! He drops Issa against the cage!

Iuri lands punches, then has to defend the get-up from Issa. Issa gets free.

Round 3 

Iuri gets on top, early and almost gets full mount. Issa escapes and gets up to his feet.

Issa shoots for a takedown but Iuri sprawls out deftly. Issa throwing the leg kicks, but not with punches in front of them, and he's also not moving his head off-center.

Issa shoots again, presses Iuri against the cage but Iuri uses a Kimura grip to defend. He lands in side mount and continues to work for lock.

Iuri lets go and starts to punch from the half guard. Issa is cut open badly!

Iuri stands up and walks away. They bump fists and Iuri continues to stalk Issa. 

Iuri lands a left kick to the body, a left straight and then a knee to the body. He follows up with more kicks and punches. 

Issa is tough as hell. Issa presses Iuri against the cage and survives the round and fight, then falls to his knees after the horn.

What heart and conditioning.

Official Decision:

Iuri gets the unanimous decision win with scores of 29-28 (twice) and 29-27.

Vitor Miranda (11-4) vs. Clint Hester (11-4) 

Round 1

Miranda shoots for a takedown, but Hester reverses, gets under the hips and scoops the Brazilian up in the air. From there, Hester slammed Miranda down onto the mat.

Miranda goes face-down and eats some punches to the head, before getting put back on his behind. Hester doesn't have a lot of time and space to land strikes, as he has to work to keep Miranda down.

Miranda gets up, and then gets Hester down to the mat! Hester is pressed against the cage, in his own half guard. 

Miranda rains down punches from on top in quick succession. Miranda presses down, then lands short right elbows.

Miranda teeing off, now, bringing the crowd alive. Luckily, the horn sounds and Hester gets his reprieve.

Round 2

Miranda scoring with the leg kick, early. Hester scores another takedown but Miranda gets up, quickly.

Hester shoots in again, gets kneed flush in the chin and Miranda takes the top position, from inside half guard. Miranda raining down punches!

He stops for a moment, readjusts his position and then lets loose with elbows. Herb Dean stops the fight.

Official Decision:

Miranda gets the TKO win at 2:38 of the second round via ground strikes.

Hugo Viana (8-3) vs. Guido Cannetti (6-3)

Round 1

Viana takes Cannetti's back early. Guido defends well, however, and stands and turns in.

He is still against the cage, with Viana pressing. The two get into an exchange on the feet and throw, hard!

Round 2 

Viana gets another takedown, but Cannetti scrambles up, immediately. Guida gets taken down again, this time with a single leg, but gets up again.

Viana gets him down for a third time, but Guida once more does a great job of getting back to his feet. Viana kicks out a leg of Guido and he falls to the ground, but gets up again!

Viana gets another takedown but this time, sticks it. Viana gets to work with punches, and then presses Guido against the cage. 

Round 3

Viana playing it smart, in this round as he presses Guido against the cage. Guido does a good job of turning it around and pressing the Brazilian in turn.

Guido gets his first takedown of the fight, Viana gets up, but Guido scores another. Guido gets to work with strikes from on top in half guard, against the cage.

Viana attempting to work up to his feet at the final horn's sounding.

Official Decision:

Cannetti gets the unanimous decision win with scores of 29-28, all around.

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