Felice Herrig earns third straight win with lopsided victory over Justine Kish

BY Damon Martin • June 26, 2017

The strawweight division has a new contender to watch after Felice Herrig earned her third straight victory on Sunday night with a lopsided win against previously undefeated "Ultimate Fighter" veteran Justine Kish.

Herrig has been competing in combat sports for most of her adult life but she came up short in many of the spotlight moments throughout her career.

That's all changed lately with Herrig making improvements to her training and mental approach to fighting, and the result has paid off with a three-fight win streak, including her latest victory this weekend.

As soon as the fight started, Herrig was in complete control with her striking and ground game, where she consistently took Kish to the mat before outgrappling her during virtually every exchange.

Herrig was quick to the punch with a series of stinging left hands but then she would switch up her attack with a series of takedowns where Kish could only use her power to survive on the mat.

Herrig managed to take Kish's back numerous times, but in the third round it appeared she was nearing a finish after wrapping up a rear-naked choke while standing before the two fighters tumbled back to the ground.


To her credit, Kish was wincing from the choke nearly putting her to sleep but she somehow managed to fight her way free just before the end of the round. Herrig maintained control until the end to earn the unanimous decision win on the scorcards.

"I just keep getting better and better. I keep facing my demons and keep fighting fights. I just took out two undefeated fighters in my last two fights" Herrig said after the victory.

"I'm starting to believe in myself a lot more."

With her third straight win in a row, Herrig will undoubtedly take a step up in the rankings as she will begin hunting for top 10 competition with her next fight in the UFC.

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