Edson Barboza batters Bobby Green for 15 minutes en route to decision win

BY Damon Martin • November 23, 2014

AUSTIN - For the past few years Edson Barboza has been scratching and clawing to get into the top 10 of the lightweight division, but after beating up Bobby Green for three rounds on Saturday night it appears he has finally earned his slot.

Barboza is one of the most dangerous strikers in the entire lightweight division, but Green got right in his face as soon as the fight started. The only problem was Green opted to taunt and motion at Barboza instead of actually throwing strikes of his own.

Barboza had no such problem.

The Brazilian cracked Green with slick left-right combinations all night long while feeding him a steady diet of kicks throughout all three rounds.  Green did his best to shake them off and waive as if they weren't hurting him, but there's no doubt Barboza was doing serious damage.

The second round saw the best offense from Barboza when he cracked Green with a shot and then followed up with his signature wheel kick that landed just behind his opponent's ear.  It seemed like that would be enough to finish the fight, but Green hung around and refused to go away until the final horn.

The judges all saw the fight the same way handing Barboza the unanimous decision nod 30-27 across the board.

Following the fight, Barboza told the raucous crowd in Austin that they "still haven't seen the best Edson Barboza yet". If that wasn't the best, the Barboza that fought and won on Saturday was a really good version.

Now that Barboza has the signature win he's been searching for to get into the top 10 he can take aim at the best fighters in the UFC's lightweight division as he tries to make an even bigger push in 2015.