Daniel Cormier: Werdum should have kept his mouth shut

BY Elias Cepeda • June 12, 2015

Fabricio Werdum isn't backing away from his psychological war tactic of claiming heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez isn't a "real" Mexican. We discussed just a couple aspects of why such investment and judgment on social constructs like ethnicity are akin to a dog chasing its tail, so no need to once again.

However, we did want to let you know that Velasquez's teammate and coach, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, thinks that Werdum wasn't very wise to anger Velasquez ahead of their UFC 188 main event. As was captured by the UFC 188 embedded cameras, Cormier recently walked up to Werdum and his team at breakfast and told them as much.

"Man," a standing Cormier told the seated Werdum, Thursday morning.

"You shoulda just stayed quiet."

Then, Cormier bent over with knowing laughter. "You shoulda just stayed quiet," he repeated.

Eating within earshot, Luke Rockhold responded to Werdum once again calling him a "nobody" by saying, "the man is a fake," with a smile.

Moments later, Cormier received a gift from the hotel. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to dig into Werdum a bit more, DC then turned to the interim champ and said, "see, this is how you treat people."

"You don't talk sh-- about them, Werdum. You give them gifts. This is how you treat people. See that? Learn from this beautiful country and the people of Mexico."

Werdum continued to keep it light, on the surface, and laughed along heartily to the ribbing/warning. Later, Rockhold and Cormier, seated with Velasquez continued to discuss Werdum.

"I think he's trying to enjoy every bit that he can hold on to," Rockhold said of the Brazilian.

"Hold on to what you have, because you're about to lose it all."

Cormier then chimed in with, "bang-bang, shots fired," as he, Rockhold and another teammate laughed. "I told Fabricio, 'You shoulda just kept quiet,'" DC continued.

"You should have just never said anything (laughs). But, eh, that's his problem to deal with. I sure wouldn't want to be him."

The episode ended with the camera fixed on a stoic, silent Cain, with Cormier talking over the image. "Look at that face," Cormier summed up.

"You want this guy mad at you?"

Cormier and the rest of the table, save one, then chuckled along. Velasquez continued to sit with his arms folded in front of him, staring, without saying a word, as a slight smile spread over his face.


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