Dana White: Ronda Rousey could beat a man but it should never happen

BY Damon Martin • September 9, 2015

Ronda Rousey's utter destruction of every opponent she's faced during her career has opened up a strange conversation about how the best women's fighter on the planet would fare against men.

The battle of the sexes in athletics has been an argument that's raged for years, but there's never been a combat-sports athlete like Rousey, who somehow gets caught up in the debate about how she would match up with male fighters.

There have been dozens of questions aimed at Rousey about a hypothetical fight against pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather and while she always gives her opinion on the matter, most seem to agree that it should never and will never actually happen.

UFC boss Dana White has been guilty of theorizing about the mythical fight as well, and while telling Colin Cowherd on FS1's "The Herd" Wednesday (watch clip above) that Rousey would “rag-doll” Mayweather, even he's starting to pump the brakes on the entire idea of men fighting women -- even in hypothetical situations.

White believes it's almost a compliment to Rousey's unreal abilities that she's even brought up in the conversation about who would win between men's and women's fighters.

"The fascinating thing about Ronda Rousey is there's never been a scenario where a woman could kick a man's ass, and now there is. She definitely can," White said. "She could walk through this studio right now and clear this place out, me included."

Just because Rousey could dismantle a man in a fight doesn't mean she is actually going to do that, especially under the banner of the UFC.

White loves a good headline just like anybody else and he's fairly sure there's nothing Rousey couldn't do if she put her mind to it, but fighting a man is one scenario he hopes never actually comes to fruition.

"In society, there should never been a scenario where we're setting up a case where a man is hitting a woman in the face," White said. "It should never happen."

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