Cody Garbrandt storms out of interview after altercation with Dominick Cruz

BY Damon Martin • December 28, 2016

LAS VEGAS — The bad blood is real between bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and top contender Cody Garbrandt ahead of UFC 207.

Following a session answering questions from the media on Wednesday, Cruz and Garbrandt were shuffled into separate backstage rooms at the T-Mobile Arena where they then conducted several television interviews together.

It all started after the two fighters got into an argument about Cruz posting a message on Garbrandt's girlfriend's Instagram account when she had tagged him in one of her photos ahead of UFC 207.

"She shouldn't be hollering at me on social media," Cruz said. "Keep her to yourself. As far as I'm concerned, I did you a favor and her a favor. She obviously wears the pants in the relationship or else she wouldn't be having to defend you. So keep your fling on a string, keep her mouth shut cause this is big boy business."

Rather than get into a verbal altercation with Cruz, Garbrandt offered to join the champion for a physical confrontation instead.

"I'll come across there right now," Garbrandt said. "You're a room away."

From there, Garbrandt got out of his seat and demanded to get the microphone unhooked from his suit jacket while Cruz continued to goad him into walking over to start their fight 48 hours ahead of UFC 207.

"You coming little boy?" Cruz shouted.

Garbrandt ultimately stormed out of the interview, although it looks like he was being closely trailed by several members of the UFC staff to ensure he didn't actually go after Cruz in his room.

Needless to say the face off between Cruz and Garbrandt on Thursday at the official weigh-ins airing live on FS1 at 6 p.m. ET will be awfully interesting as they come face to face for the first time during UFC 207 fight week.

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