Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz has not been ruled no-contest yet

BY Damon Martin • February 6, 2015

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz have a long way to go until the Nevada State Athletic Commission is finished dealing with the two UFC 183 fighters, both of whom had positive drug tests returned in recent days.

Silva and Diaz still have due process awaiting them when it comes to the commission and possible punishment being handed out.

Another piece of the puzzle that remains is whether or not Silva's victory over Diaz will be ruled a no-contest.

Speaking to FOX Sports on Friday, Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman Francisco Aguilar confirmed that the fight has not yet been overturned and can't be until a motion is passed by a majority of the commission. Any penalties, suspensions or changes to the outcome of the fight have to be presented as a motion and then voted on by the commission to enact the order. 

The next step in the process will be Feb. 17 when the commission meets and likely hands down temporary suspensions to both Silva and Diaz pending a full disciplinary hearing. 

The future hearing, likely held in March or April, will then allow Silva and Diaz the chance to argue their case before the commission decides on punishment, which could then include Silva's victory being overturned.

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