Djokovic's dad rips Federer, Nadal

BY foxsports • August 3, 2013

Ah, the tennis parent. The gift that keeps giving. We’ve had Serena and Venus’ father, Richard Williams, who could be quite the bizarre character. Andy Murray’s mum apparently couldn’t figure out it was inappropriate to publicly lust after one of her son’s opponents. And now Novak Djokovic’s father has decided to criticize the greatest players of this generation as bad sports.

Speaking recently to a Serbian newspaper, Srdjan Djokovic laid into Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, saying they couldn’t handle how successful Novak has become.

"Federer is perhaps still the best tennis player in history, but as a man he's the opposite," Srdjan said. "He attacked Novak at the Davis Cup in Geneva (in 2006), he realized that he was his successor and was trying to disparage him in every way. Novak's success is an amazing thing and something that Federer cannot understand."

As for Nadal, Pops Djokovic said Rafa was a good buddy before Novak began to collect titles.

"He was (Novak’s) best friend while (Nadal) was winning,” Srdjan said. “When things changed, they were no longer friends. This is not sport."

Somewhere, you can bet Novak is rolling his eyes.


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