Watch this Indian Super League match devolve into a brawl at the final whistle

December 14, 2016

The Indian Super League has only been around a few years, but there's plenty of passion. Of course, it's not necessarily the good kind of passion. Tuesday's semifinal match between Mumbai City and Atlético de Kolkata boiled over into a bizarre brawl at the final whistle.

The scrap had everything we're looking for in a good ol' soccer-inspired donnybrook:

• Smack talk. Check!
• Pushing and shoving. Check!
• One guy that takes it way too far. Check!

The culprit for escalating the action to a whole new level is 31-year-old Mumbai City forward Thiago Cunha, who went full nutso and started punching and kicking opponents. He followed that up with the classic run-away-but-get-in-a-fighting-stance maneuver. Straight from the schoolyard! That set off a benches-clearing dust-up that eventually ran its course.

When the dust settled, Cunha received a red card along with Atlético's Juan Belencoso. That ran up the total of cards shown a whopping five yellows and three reds (though one of those red cards was a second yellow for Atlético's Abinash Ruidas). Suffice to say, it was a scrappy match.

The 0-0 draw lifted Atlético into the final past Mumbai City with a 2-3 edge on aggregate. A few players were shirtless when it was all said and done, but odds are it wasn't from switching jerseys.