Watch this goalkeeper score a long-range cannon shot from inside his own box

BY Alex Dowd • April 26, 2017

On the list of a goalkeeper's responsibilities, scoring goals falls somewhere near the very bottom. And yet, sometimes the soccer gods grace us with a rare goalkeeper goal. Sunday was one of those days, as Bolivar's Matias Dituro lined up a long-range bomb to put the game against San Jose on ice in the Bolivian top flight.

That wasn't some fluke shot, either. Dituro knew exactly what he was doing when he scored that goal. With Bolivar up 2-1, San Jose were desperate to get a point in the waning minutes. A free kick gave them the opportunity to run goalkeeper Carlos Franco into the box as an extra attacker, but the whole thing backfired.

Dituro easily collected the free kick and then booted a ball downfield into the vacated San Jose net. There's a code among goalkeepers that scoring cross-field goals aren't to be celebrated, but Dituro totally deserves credit for this one. No luck involved, he lined up a quality shot and did what needed to be done.

Celebrate, man! You'll (likely) never score a better goal than that one.