Watch Guinea-Bissau player's lung-busting run to score a stunner

BY Alex Dowd • January 18, 2017

Great goals come in all shapes and sizes. They can be long-range lasers, finesse gems, acrobatic beauties or any other in a long range of highlights. What they all have in common is that they take hard work.

This goal from Guinea-Bissau's Frederic Mendy is the definition of hard work.

That run is exhausting just to watch. Mendy turned into a one-man counterattack against Cameroon. He clipped the ball over Collins Fai and then was off to the races. Indomitable Lions defender Michael Ngadjui's attempt to stop Mendy left quite a bit to be desired, but the attacker's finish was prime.

Just look at the way the Djurtus celebrate off the bench. One coach dropped to his knees and another looks like he needed to grab a drink, either to celebrate or perhaps spray all over the place. It's a goal they won't soon forget, especially if Guinea-Bissau secure an important point against the four-time AFCON champions. And if they don't, they'll always have this memorable run from Mendy.

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