Watch Cristiano Ronaldo get embarrassed when the cameras catch him trolling Diego Lopez

February 19, 2017

Real Madrid took on Espanyol on Saturday, beating them comfortably by a 2-0 scoreline. Cristiano Ronaldo didn't get on the score sheet, but he did nutmeg the hell out of a defender with an incredibly rude elastico (which is just as good as a goal when you really think about it). He was apparently in a wildly disrespectful mood that day, and he got the trolling started before the ball was even kicked.

That's former Madrid goalkeeper Diego Lopez, and that's Ronaldo making fun of his follicular situation and joking that he got hair plugs. "Apparently you've had 3,600 hairs put in, eh?"

Lopez, being a good guy, maintains his forced smile, and the moment passes. Ronnie looks like he's happy with the sly dig until Alvaro Morata quietly reminds him the cameras are watching, and he just got caught calling Lopez out in front of millions. And that's when Ronaldo gets embarrassed like a schoolboy called out on his very first crush. It's hilarious.

You can't play that one off, buddy. The whole world saw you.