Watch a pitch invader get shoved to the ground, manage to get selfie with player anyway

February 10, 2017

Mainz's 2-0 victory against Augsburg was so entertaining that a fan wanted to keep the memory forever. Rather than settle for just a boring old stadium shot, or a selfie with the field, this particular fan opted to hop on the pitch and snap a selfie. It didn't go off without a hitch, however.

Augsburg's Halil Altintop wanted nothing to do with the pitch invader, shoving the guy to the ground, but the intruder would not be deterred. He managed to pick himself up and snap a selfie with Giulio Donati. The Mainz defender even posed for the shot! If nothing else, it's a quick lesson in the power of persistence.

One other note: Nobody really even seemed to care that this guy was on the field. This wasn't some dude that came sprinting out and snapped a picture. He just wandered up, fell over like a sack of potatoes after being pushed, but still had plenty of time to get a picture. Then he started to run!

Looks like the Opel Arena security staff needs a little shoring up.

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