This spinning backheel goal makes no sense and might be the best ever

February 13, 2017

Want to see the best backheel goal  ever?

It just might be this one, from Italy’s Serie B on Sunday:

That’s Francesco Nicastro of Perugia scoring the game-winner against Ternana, and … it just makes no darn sense.

This is the sort of goal that you have to watch multiple times to try to comprehend. But every re-watch only seems to lead to more questions:

• Why did he turn like that as he met the cross?
• Was he going for the sickest backheel goal ever, or was it a happy accident?
• Was this the best back heel goal ever though?
• Did it even come off his heel, or just his ankle?
• No, but, seriously, what the heck was he doing?!

We don’t have any answers for you -- sorry! -- but one thing is for sure: It was awesome.

Take a bow, Nicastro. That was the goal of a lifetime.