This Scottish club's match promo video is so bad it's actually amazing

BY Aaron West • January 24, 2017

Scottish Premier league side St. Johnstone just put out a promo video for their match against Hamilton Accies on January 28th, and it's spectacularly bad. It's really bad. It's awful. But it's so awful, it's actually amazing. It's so cringe-worthy it's made a full loop back around to "bahaha this is actually the greatest" territory.

What makes it so great? Let's run down the list.

A cult classic song, guaranteed to be stuck in your head for at least two days much to the chagrin of everyone around you? Check. We've got Eiffel 65’s "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" for your annoyance quota.

Camera-shy players, badly lip-syncing the song while awkwardly breaking the fourth wall and glancing at the film crew? You got it.

Tiny Scottish children dabbing frantically like they've been possessed by the spirits of terribly dancing ghosts? We're all the way in there.

This video has it all. And the best part? St. Johnstone are absolutely in on the joke.

A spokesman from the club said: “The target audience was for kids and families. It’s to encourage them to come down to the game this weekend and get their faces painted blue and get behind the team.

“I know a lot of fans will find it cheesy but it’s just a good bit of fun. The vast majority of comments have been positive but some have found it cringey.”

It is fun. And it gets an upvote from me.


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