This penalty attempt from Florent Malouda in the Indian Super League was atrocious

BY Alex Dowd • December 17, 2016

Penalty kicks are a total coin toss. They're pressure-packed, extremely difficult, and literally can be the difference between winning and losing. Penalty takers have a decided advantage against the goalkeepers they're facing, with one critical factor to keep in mind: hit the target. You can't beat the keeper if you can't beat the framework.

Alas, this seemingly obvious point sometimes eludes players, and we get moments like this from the Indian Super League. Florent Malouda, take your bow.

This comedy took actually took place a few days ago, but in all honesty ... there's a chance the ball hasn't landed yet.

The announcer's buildup and reaction say it all. "He knows where he’s putting this away. He’s focused, he’s got his eyes locked in. OH, MY LORD!" To be fair, his teammate's very next attempt isn't much better. In all, Malouda and the Delhi Dynamos missed three attempts in the shootout, while the Kerala Blasters converted three to win the semifinal.

Winning a penalty shootout isn't easy, but losing one is. Especially when you send more shots into the stands than you do toward the net.


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