Sir Alex won't be leaving anytime soon

Published Nov. 18, 2010 9:02 p.m. ET

The greatest manager of this era, Sir Alex Ferguson has helped Manchester United to one of the greatest stretches in club football history during the last 24 years.

During this stretch, Ferguson has won countless trophies and have helped to make Manchester United into the most popular and richest sports team on the planet.

However, ever since Fergie was able to complete the English treble in May of 1999, many have wondered who would be the next manager of Man United.

Some of the managers that have been considered to replace Ferguson include Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and David Moyes.

However, Fergie continues to state that he will not retire, and announced today in Doha before Argentina and Brazil faced each other in a friendly that, "I'm in no mood for it; as long as my health is good I intend to carry on."

Fergie went on to say: "If my health deteriorated it would be different, but retirement is for young people—they can do something else. If I get off that treadmill where do you think I'd go—only one way, down."

When it was put to him that three years ago he tentatively mentioned 2011 as a potential date for stepping down, Ferguson replied: "I've changed my mind—again."


From this, you can see that the 68-year-old wants to and should be able to manage for many years to come for Manchester United.

So why exactly is everyone wondering when Sir Alex will retire?

Here, we have a man that certainly not retire with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, two players who have been with him during every step of this journey.

Instead, he will look to carry on the dynasty that he created for many more years to come by maximizing the young talent that he has either bought or produced during the last several years.

You see players such as Javier Hernandez, the Brazilian twins Rafael and Fabio, Chris Smalling and Bebe, and all of these players can become elite players by learning under Sir Alex.

Plus, after the recent incident with Wayne Rooney, Man United appear ready to go into another golden era.

During the upcoming winter and summer transfer windows, United will work to keep Rooney and the fans happy by finally breaking the bank to collect strong talent.

Already, names such as Franck Ribery and Gareth Bale have been thrown around as potential players to join the Red Devils.

When you add all of this together, and with the enjoyment that Fergie still clearly has, it is unforeseeable to see Sir Alex Ferguson leave his managerial role anytime soon.

Despite that, many people still will claim that Sir Alex will retire at the end of a season in which United have success.

Those people should finally realize that Fergie will in all likelihood continue to manage for many more years to come.

Sir Alex just continues to have fun training up United's young guns and winning silverware, and he has never lost the taste to achieve it.

He knows how to get underneath anyone's skin with his infamous "mind games" and knows exactly what is needed for United to succeed.

The fact of the matter is that Sir Alex Ferguson will not retire any time soon, and everyone should stop speculating over his future.

Andrew Jordan is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report, the open source sports network.