Rosell wants Champions League expansion

BY foxsports • November 16, 2011

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell says he wants the Premier League to be reduced in number so the Champions League can be expanded.

And Rosell says the big clubs may break away and form their own competition if his demands are not met.

Rosell, who is vice-chairman of the European Club Association (ECA), said: "We would like to have a Champions League with more teams.

"This would mean, in the future, we could play Barcelona versus Manchester United on a Saturday or Sunday, at the quarter-final stage, for example.

"In Spain we have four clubs in the Champions League. If you increase that to eight, the other four would be in favour. First, we have to convince the Premier League to reduce from 20 to 16 teams as well.

"We would like to increase the Champions League under the umbrella of UEFA. If not, the ECA is entitled to organise their own champions competition."

Rosell added: "We have to review completely the calendar of UEFA and FIFA.

"They use our players for about 120 days every two years and need to reduce their calendar, especially taking out friendlies."

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