Ref Webb wants technology

BY foxsports • December 22, 2010

Howard Webb has revealed he would be in favour of goal-line technology, claiming most of his fellow referees would welcome its introduction.

Webb, who this summer became the first Englishman to take charge of a World Cup final for 36 years, has previously offered cautious support for it to be brought in.

He has now argued more strongly for its use, telling BBC Sport: "It's got to be worth looking at to make our job on those really crucial decisions that bit easier.

"I don't think you'll find many referees who say, 'It's not something we want'.

"It's a matter of fact whether or not all of the ball has crossed all of the goal-line between the posts and under the crossbar.

"Bearing in mind that's the entire aim of the sport, to score a goal.

"If we were to have some support - some assistance that was totally accurate and totally reliable and instantaneous - then I guess it's got to be worth looking at."

Having previously ruled out using goal-line technology, FIFA reopened their investigations into it in the wake of Frank Lampard's disallowed goal for England against Germany at the World Cup, with the midfielder's shot clearly crossing the line.

The International Football Association Board - the body that determines the laws of the game - will report to FIFA in March after a period of testing different systems.

Opposition to goal-line technology remains among some members of the game's governing bodies and Webb added: "We sit here in 2010 and other sports have embraced certain types of technology.

"Football hasn't - but that tells me that's because it's really difficult, without changing the basic way the game is played.

"That's the fear, which I understand."

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