Puyol keen to see Cesc wish granted

Published Jul. 18, 2010 6:41 a.m. EDT

Fabregas has been linked with a move back to Barca for some time now and speculation has reached an all-time high this summer that he will soon return to Catalonia. A number of Barca players have spoken of their desire to team up with the midfielder but Arsene Wenger has called for an end to the talk after insisting Fabregas will stay put. Puyol does not expect his Spain team-mate to go public in his desire to make the move, but he does feel the Gunners should respect their captain's wishes. "Cesc is a really nice guy and desperate to become a Barcelona player," Puyol said in the Daily Star Sunday. "But he is not the sort of player to be ruthless and start using the media to get him the move that he wants. "There are many players who would try all sorts of tricks to make it impossible to ever play for Arsenal again but that is not his style. "I think Arsenal need to respect his class and show the same class by giving the guy who has given so much to them the move that he and his family want. "He isn't just being deprived of moving to the best club in the world. More importantly, he is being deprived of coming home. "He has tried everything to win trophies at Arsenal and when he sees the success so many of his Spanish team-mates are having at Barcelona, it's only natural that he should want to be a part of that." Puyol may have to wait to team up with Fabregas at club level, but he is confident of doing so at some point in the future. He added: "He is the future of Barcelona and Arsenal can't do anything to stop that. I have just spent six weeks with him and there is only one club he wants to be at. "The worst-case scenario is that we have to wait another 12 months for him to join us - but Arsenal, Barcelona and Cesc know that is the very worst-case scenario." Former Gunner Thierry Henry, meanwhile, has said he would understand if Fabregas wants to return to his homeland. "It is hard because the guy is from Barcelona. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes that's all I can say," Henry told Radio Five's Sportsweek programme. "I wouldn't like to be in his position because he is from there and he loves Arsenal. "I don't know what to say about this, because I don't want to talk for him. "But as an Arsenal fan, for me, I want him to stay at Arsenal, but I would also understand if he goes back home." Henry is preparing to begin a new chapter in his life after he signed for Major League Soccer side the New York Red Bulls this week. The 32-year-old is likely to finish his career in the United States after he signed a "multi-year deal", but revealed when his playing days are over he would like to return to the Emirates Stadium in some capacity. "What I want to do is when I retire, I don't know how, but I want to come back to Arsenal," he added. "I have just come here (New York) to play and to compete and win another title. After everything is done then I will think about it. "Whatever it is I want to come back (to Arsenal), maybe as a waterboy, I just love this club." Coincidentally, Henry's first game for New York could be against the Gunners' north-London rivals Tottenham, with the teams to meet in a pre-season friendly on Thursday. "I'm trying to get back in shape (for the match)," he added. "I've not done much since the World Cup. I don't think I will play long, but we will see."