Pompey crisis 'really hurts' - Storrie

BY foxsports • March 20, 2010

Storrie has stepped down as chief executive in the wake of the club going into administration, although he is still working in a consultancy role at Fratton Park. The 57-year-old came in for fierce criticism from fans over his reported salary of £1.2million, but he blames the crisis on three owners who failed to provide the funds they promised. "The responsibility is predominantly down to three owners in the last 15 months who haven't put finance in, but I'm always going to be known as the chief executive that took the first ever Premier League side into administration," Storrie told the Daily Telegraph. "That really hurts because I've done so much to keep the club alive. Last summer, I got an offer from a Premier League club for a lot more money but I couldn't leave. I didn't want to let anyone at Portsmouth down." Asked about his salary, Storrie added: "I'm on £600,000 a year basic. That's very reasonable with 21 years' experience in football, being in the Premier League. "Sacha [Gaydamak, owner from 2006-09] gave me a substantial bonus two years running, performance-related. When we won the FA Cup and did well in the league, he gave me a £750,000 bonus but I was only on £450,000 basic then. "In January 2009, we were in a mess financially and I brought in an awful lot of money so Sacha gave me a £500,000 bonus. Because of cash-flow problems I didn't take that until August 09. "Because I had a big, big role on the football side, they included me in the win/draw bonus. It's about £3,000 a win and £1,500 a draw."