Player proposes to his girlfriend after scoring in league match

BY Alberto Moreno • July 1, 2015

When it comes to wedding proposals, people often try to come up with ingenious, imaginative, and memorable ways of asking that special someone for their hand in marriage; Some fail, some succeed. 

Sergey Levitskiy, who plays for FC Slutsk (no typo there) in the Belarusian Premier League, came up with a very creative and challenging way of proposing marriage. His idea? Score a goal for his team, celebrate by proposing marriage to the person you love, and lastly, hoping that they say yes.

How did it go? Well...

Very romantic. Considering Levitskiy was not even playing until he was subbed in the 78th minute of play, the creative maestro had 12 minutes to score a goal. Talk about an incentive, FC Slutsk comfortably defeated Neman Grodno by four goals.

We wonder if the ring he gave her looked something like this:

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