OC: Managing would change Danny's mind

October 14, 2010

Fulham star Murphy caused a storm last week when he pointed the finger of blame for reckless challenges at the managers of Stoke, Blackburn and Wolves. Coyle - whose team take on Stoke in the Premier League on Saturday - has criticised Murphy for singling out individuals and feels the former Liverpool player will have more authority to comment on the matter if he decides to go into management. "We send our players out to work hard and play well," Coyle said. "Danny Murphy is a terrifically talented player and in time, if Danny decides to dip his toe in the water in terms of coaching and management, then I think if you speak to him, he might have a different perspective or angle on it. "Not having had that experience of being a manager, I think it is a difficult one for him to call. "I think what he said - I might be wrong on this, but I'd imagine he'll probably regret some of that. "Particularly to mention any club or individual was very wrong because you look at all the clubs involved and the managers they have - these people are fantastic at what they do." Speaking at the Leaders in Football conference in London about what he described as "ridiculous" and "brainless" tackles, Murphy said: "Your manager dictates what your players do and how you behave. "You get managers who are sending their teams out to stop other teams playing, which is happening more and more - the Stokes, Blackburns, Wolves. "They can say it's effective and they have got to win games but the fact is the managers are sending out their players so pumped up there is inevitably going to be problems." Coyle was keen to stress the difference between a mis-timed and a reckless challenge and is adamant no manager would instruct their player to injure an opponent. "If there are teams out there who are tough tacklers, there is nothing wrong with being tough tacklers," Coyle said. "What we do have to do as a collective body is try to eradicate the tackles that are made outside the laws of the game. "You will have mis-timed tackles because of the pace the game is played at and the frenetic nature of the Premier League, but there is a difference between a mis-timed tackle and a reckless challenge." He continued: "As managers we ask players to go out and give us everything they have got, both in terms of their work-rate off the ball and showing their quality on it. "But I don't believe for a minute that there is a manager in football - not just in the Premier League - that would send any player out to deliberately hurt an opponent. "I played until I was 40 and I don't recall any manager of mine giving any sort of instruction even close to that."