Moyes slams Toffees quit claims

BY foxsports • February 5, 2011

David Moyes has described rumours he is ready to quit as Everton manager as 'complete nonsense' and insists he will not walk away from the job.

The Toffees were unable to significantly strengthen their squad in the January transfer window and Moyes has already acknowledged it could be difficult to convince the club's out-of-contract players to stay on Merseyside.

That prompted rumours earlier in the week that Moyes is on the brink of leaving, but he is determined to fight on at Everton and bring success to the club.

"Maybe the rumours start because I've been here that long," said Moyes. "Maybe people think that's what you do when you've been at a club that long.

"But I don't feel that way. Obviously you all know that I would like us to keep progressing and moving on. That's big for me and really important for me.

"But the rumours are complete nonsense.

"I don't know where they've come from. I don't do the internet so I only hear about them when you people tell me.

"But genuinely I can tell you there's not a chance.

"I'm driven because I want to succeed. Maybe a little bit of it is where I come from. When you're out against the wall you have to find a way of fighting back.

"I'm too big a football man (to walk away). Folks see me at games and I'm at games because I'm a football supporter as well. I like watching football. It's a hobby as well as a job.

"Maybe some day I'll say it, but that day's not now.

"I hope the solution to what we need to do is not too far away. I hope that. There's no guarantee but I hope we can find solutions because we've done terrific."

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