McCarthy won't alter approach

BY foxsports • July 10, 2011

The men from Molineux are renowned for their relentless work ethic, with making life difficult for opponents crucial to their tactical approach. They do, however, possess enough creativity within their ranks to ensure that they are also a force to be reckoned with in the technical side of the game. McCarthy is understandably of the opinion that he has found the best mix for his side and, having enjoyed some memorable results last season, is planning to stick to his tried and tested game plan in the forthcoming campaign. "We do press teams but we play good football as well," he told the club's official website. "I think we were well received in the Premier League last season for the football we played. "Stopping the opposition playing is part of the game, and to do that you have to close them down. "Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but we did have some great success with it. "We went to Man City and Man United and pressed them all over and should have had better results there. "I don't see that changing, but you always want to evolve and be better all the time."