McCarthy stands by his man Zubar

BY foxsports • February 4, 2011

Zubar tried to play the ball back to goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey in the 93rd minute, but the pass was intercepted by Daniel Sturridge, who coolly slid the ball into the net. The goal left McCarthy furious, especially as his team had deserved a point for their overall display. However, McCarthy confirmed that Zubar has responded well in training, and will not pay for his mistake by losing his place in the starting 11, even if the idea did cross McCarthy's mind "I did have thoughts about it," he said. "I had a conversation with him today, but he's been terrific for us. "He is okay, I'm certain he is having chatted to him. "I've got to support him, that's the other side of it. "I wanted to kill him on Wednesday night, but he's one of my players and he puts in a shift." McCarthy was quick to remove the finger of blame from over Zubar, stating that everyone involved with the team has off days. He said: "Do you think he's the only one who's made a mistake? "I don't think so. "There's only one bloke that's never made a mistake and we know what happened to him. "We're all fallible aren't we? "We're all liable to make a mistake at some stage, and what do you do then? Just cast him out to one side and that's him done? "We'll support him and try and get the best out of him because in doing that I believe I will get the best out of him." McCarthy said he has resisted the temptation to take Zubar out of the firing line, even though he has a ready-made replacement in Kevin Foley. He said: "It's easy when someone just makes a mistake and it's glaringly obvious, to leave them out of the side. "But if I did that every time, I'd be chopping and changing my team on a regular basis. "There has to be a level of support from the manager for his players. "When they've had a tough time, you put an arm around them and say 'come on, let's get back to where you were'. "I think that's what I have to do. "Individual errors have cost us. Tactical errors as well, sometimes, I'm certain." Wolves have lost twice against Manchester United this season, conceding crucial late goals in both cases, and McCarthy has called on his players to maintain their focus right until the final whistle. He said: "We need to concentrate right to the very end, certainly tomorrow, because it's happened twice against Manchester United. "But if we play as well as we have against them in the past, it should be a very interesting game."

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