Mancini: Tevez finished at City

BY foxsports • September 28, 2011

Edin Dzeko was replaced by Nigel de Jong in the second half of the 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich and soon after the City boss asked Tevez to warm up, but Mancini claims he refused to do as he had been asked. Mancini now believes Tevez's position at the club is untenable. Asked if Tevez was finished at City, Mancini said: "I don't decide this, but if I did, then yes. "I helped Carlos for two years but I cannot accept this behaviour." Tevez, speaking through an interpreter, gave little away. In an interview with Sky Sports News he said: "I have been professional during all my time here. "Last season I was the top scorer and I wanted to leave for family reasons - but I keep trying to do my best." Tevez has had a tempestuous couple of years at City but this marks a new low. Mancini is clearly fuming and it is difficult to see how there can be any way back for the 27-year-old now. "He just refused to go on. I don't know why," said Mancini. "I cannot be happy with this situation. Would something like this happen at Bayern Munich, AC Milan or Manchester United? "I am the manager. I decide everything. "I have helped him every time for two years, he has wanted to leave but I still picked him. "The thing is there were still 30 minutes until the end of the game. We could still change it. "Carlos didn't play at the start of the season because he has not had a pre-season for three years. He was not ready to play. "If it was another player may be this could happen but for a player to refuse to go on in an important game like this is not right." This would have been bad enough had it been the only problem Mancini had to deal with. However, there was also the problem of striker Edin Dzeko shaking his head at Mancini as he was replaced by Nigel de Jong 10 minutes into the second half. It was that change that angered Tevez, who was left on the bench throughout his side's Premier League win over Everton on Saturday, and it appeared Dzeko was equally annoyed. "He was disappointed but he played a bad game," said Mancini. "I wanted to keep the score down and not concede a third goal. "It is the last time any player at this club does that." Amid the carnage, City were fortunate their defeat was contained to just two first-half strikes from Mario Gomez. It could have been far more. But the aftermath will be dominated by Tevez and assistant manager David Platt insists Mancini is the right man to deal with it. "We are not going to lie. What happened happened," said the former England skipper. "Roberto will sleep on it and look at it and dealt with it in the way he sees fit." Tevez later told Sky Sports 2 via an interpreter: "I have been professional during all the time here. "Last season I was the best scorer and put my opinion through that I wanted to leave because of family reasons. "But I keep trying to do my best."

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