Manchester City's new, light-up runway for players isn't a hit among fans

February 23, 2017

Soccer players are often touted as role models, but what about as actual models? That's what Manchester City is apparently trying to project with a fancy new way for their players to enter the Etihad Stadium.

Gone are the days of fans having to fight for space long a barricade to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars walking to work. Nope, City's players will strut into the stadium on a bright, elevated, modelesque runway.

It's a little much. In fact, it's a lot much. And to City fans' credit, they seem to hate it about as much as one reasonably should. Quite a few voiced their displeasure on social media, where the reaction was not at all over the top.

Fortunately for City fans, the new walkway took its bow ahead of their match against Monaco on Tuesday. Considering the way that match turned out, they probably forgot all about the farcical fashion show that preceded it.