Leroy Sane apologizes after late goal salts gambler's €34K payout

February 22, 2017

Lost in the craziness that was Manchester City's 5-3 win against Monaco were the people sat clutching betting slips, agonizing or rejoicing as goal after goal poured in.

One such gambler looked poised for a monster payout in the closing 15 minutes. After John Stones pushed the score to 4-3, an unidentified gambler stood to make a whopping €34,200 ... from a €2 bet! He had parlayed both of Tuesday's round of 16 Champions League results, trying to nail down the exact scorelines.

He predicted Atletico Madrid would handle business against Bayer Leverkusen to the tune of 2-4 (which they did), and that City vs. Monaco would end 4-3.

Given that both matches were so high-scoring, the odds of him hitting his bet spot-on were 18,000:1. Alas, Sane's 82nd-minute goal salted the bet entirely, and the bettor was left to rue what could have been.


The 21-year-old Sane offered his condolences to the unlucky fellow, but it probably doesn't do much to waste the taste of that near-hit out of his mouth.

The question is: Why didn't he hedge his bet after Stones scored? I'm not familiar with gambling in the UK, but if they allow live-betting he could have tossed a couple hundred bones on a handful of possible outcomes and still come out on top.

Oh, well. Today's another day to try and get in on some action.