Jack Warner claims FIFA conspiracy

BY foxsports • October 12, 2011

Jack Warner says it is a "conspiracy" that a video has been leaked showing him urging officials to accept cash gifts from Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Warner, who quit as a FIFA vice-president in June after being charged with bribery, said the timing of the leak in a week in which 15 Caribbean officials are facing ethics committee hearings showed FIFA was prepared to do all it could to defend its position.

Warner said in an email: "The release of this video is tantamount to contempt because it seeks to influence international opinion against what is clearly a conspiracy against the delegates of the Caribbean Football Union.

"Moreover there are a lot more questions which the FIFA should answer from this convenient revelation.

"The Caribbean delegates are currently in Zurich and are actively involved in disciplinary proceedings established by the FIFA so this leak is clearly subjudicious (sic) and contrary to the very principles of law and justice.

"Regretfully, this is what defines the FIFA; a perceived right to do all in its power, right or wrong, to defend its own."

Warner said the fact his speech was filmed, understood to have been on a mobile phone, was evidence of "entrapment".

He added: "Never before has a covert video been made, let alone been published, in the history of CFU.

"It is clear that those who recorded the meeting and subsequently made certain that the video went global, are engaged in entrapment.

"It is therefore not paranoia nor mindless talk to speak of a conspiracy by those who had an agenda: the one to weaken the CONCACAF through its largest voting bloc, the CFU, and thus ascertain that Caribbean men and women are excluded from the decision-making process in CONCACAF and FIFA in the future."

Warner went on to highlight the Swiss influence at FIFA - including president Sepp Blatter, the chairman of the ethics committee Claudio Sulser and the chairman of the disciplinary committee Marcel Mathier, who has also acted as Blatter's lawyer.

"The Swiss seem to have a morality of its own," said Warner, who added that he had more revelations to come.

"FIFA cannot be allowed to continue tarnishing the images and characters of good men," said Warner.

"For it is clear that the FIFA is determined to stop at nothing as they seek to destroy, to extirpate those they have defined as their enemies from any sphere of influence.

"However, truth crushed to the ground will rise again. At the end of the day, the truth will prevail. In time, truth will always arise."

The video recording of a speech made by Warner to members of the Caribbean Football Association (CFU) on May 11 is being used as evidence in FIFA ethics committee hearings into charges against 15 of those officials this week.

The video shows Warner telling members they are not obliged to vote for Bin Hammam in the FIFA presidential election but that he had told the Qatari to bring cash. Bin Hammam was banned for life in July by FIFA's ethics committee but is appealing.

The speech took place in Trinidad a day after cash gifts of 40,000 US dollars each were handed out to the leaders of Caribbean associations.

Warner says on the video: "When Mohamed Bin Hammam asked to come to the Caribbean he wanted to bring some silver plaques and wooden trophies and bunting and so on, and told me to bring for 30 people would be too much luggage. I told him he did not need to bring anything but if he wanted to bring anything to bring something equivalent to the value of the gift that he brought.

"I said to him if you bring cash, I don't want you to give cash to anybody, but when you do you can give it to the CFU and the CFU will give it to his members. Because I don't want (it) to even remotely appear that anyone has any obligation to vote for you because of what gifts you have given them, and he fully accepted that."

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